Custom Design Projects

The following custom software packages have been realized by SDA in cooperation with AFMG.

Renkus-Heinz, CA, USA - Aimware and Beamware acoustic modeling software

Bouyer, France - Bouyer PAD acoustic modeling software

HK Audio, Germany - CAPS acoustic modeling software

Sennheiser, KG, Germany - SIFM and SIFM Pro intermodulation software

EASE Plug-In Libraries

  • Bosch Security Systems, Inc., MN, USA - Electro-Voice XLC, XLD, XLE and XLine line arrays
  • D.A.S., Spain - Aero and Variant line arrays
  • Renkus-Heinz, CA, USA - PN, ST and Iconyx line arrays
  • d&b audiotechnik, Germany - Q, J and T series line arrays, C series clusters
  • Nexo, France - Geo S, T, D series line arrays
  • HN Audio, China - Chen line arrays
  • TOA, Japan - Type A, Type S and HX-5 line arrays
  • Alcons Audio, The Netherlands - QR and LR series line arrays
  • Pan-Acoustics, Germany - PanBeam line arrays
  • HK Audio, Germany - Cohedra, Contour and CTA line arrays
  • QSC, CA, USA - Wideline and ILA line arrays
  • Sound Projects, The Netherlands - Linex line arrays
  • Dynacord, Germany - Cobra line arrays
  • Hacousto, The Netherlands - Messenger line arrays
  • JBL, CA, USA - Vertec line arrays
  • L-Acoustics - VDOSC and dVDOSC line arrays

Cooperation Projects

The following projects are collaborations between third parties and SDA and AFMG.

DSPECIALISTS, Berlin, Germany - AUBION X.8 measurement hardware

Presonus, LA, USA - EASERA Gateway measurement hardware

Sennheiser, KG, Germany - EASE-IR infrared modeling module

GoldLine, CT, USA - TEF/TDS module for EASERA measurement software

Turntable/Rotator Control Libraries for EASERA