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EASE Focus 1: 10 Years of Line Array Simulation

2014-12-15 13:06

Released at the beginning of 2005, EASE Focus 1 has been a premiere to the world of line array acoustic simulation. Based on AFMG’s profound experience in the field of accurate sound system modeling, EASE Focus 1 provided exactly what the pro-audio market demanded at that time: A universal, fast, precise and easy to use tool to predict coverage and throw of a complex line array.

In comparison to some existing aiming software solutions, EASE Focus 1 established an open platform that could incorporate data from any manufacturer interested in supporting the program. This unique approach provided several important benefits that quickly convinced many leading manufacturers.

  • Provided by a renowned, independent software manufacturer with vast experience in the field of sound system modeling.
  • Instantly available, no need for in-house development and testing.
  • Windows standard software.
  • A proven platform already installed on thousands of computers.
  • Greatly reduced costs for development and ongoing maintenance.
  • Little training necessary.
  • High acceptance and trust with users because data available on an open, comparable platform. 

Within only three years, over 40 loudspeaker manufacturers licensed their line arrays for EASE Focus 1. This number had increased to over 60 manufacturers when EASE Focus 2 was introduced in October 2010. In addition to the above benefits, EASE Focus 2 now allowed simulation in 3D and relied on AFMG’s new, award-winning GLL loudspeaker definition format that became common to all AFMG simulation tools. 

After a successful 10-year history, AFMG now announces the seizure of support for EASE Focus 1. All development, OS adaptations, and support will end March 31, 2015.

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