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AFMG provides 3D Beam-Shaping Technology within EASE Focus

2018-05-21 13:00

FIRmaker 3D 

Some of the latest developments in the loudspeaker industry are planar arrays. This pioneering type of system extends line arrays in the horizontal direction and is able to achieve unique performance, especially when driven by FIR filters. With AFMG’s well established EASE® Focus 3 and the novel FIRmaker® 3D engine this technology is now available off-the-shelf to loudspeaker companies interested in providing innovative steering solutions to their customers.         System coverage optimized with FIRmaker 3D considering all audience areas.
So far beam steering has been possible mainly in the vertical plane. With planar arrays and FIRmaker 3D, the system coverage can be controlled horizontally as well. The sound radiation can be specifically shaped in three dimensions to accomplish variable beam widths, avoid side walls, fit asymmetrical venue layouts, reduce noise leakage, and target selected locations anywhere in the room. All of these improvements bring the designer ever closer to achieving a clear, consistent sonic experience for the whole audience.
        3D beam shaping over selected areas with FIRmaker 3D.

Some of the advantages of FIRmaker 3D can also be applied to conventional line arrays. By considering not only the vertical on-axis response of the system over the audience, but the target areas in their entirety, the optimization engine is able to compute FIR filters that provide improved coverage overall.

By continuously developing FIRmaker and EASE Focus, AFMG® offers loudspeaker companies the opportunity to expand their expertise into different fields of application. As a future-oriented technology firm, AFMG provides manufacturers with solutions that reduce their time and effort to make a new product available in the market.

FIRmaker 3D is currently available as a Beta version within EASE Focus 3 and is already used in the field by a number of pro-audio firms. Loudspeaker companies can now license FIRmaker 3D, and take advantage of this technology.

For further information please contact AFMG via You are also welcome to visit our booth at InfoComm 2018 where FIRmaker 3D will be on display.




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